Heritage Trailhead access available in Harriman

County Executive Steven Neuhaus, left, cuts the trailhead ribbon with Harriman Mayor STephen Welle and Welles granddaughter, two-year-old Isabella Bruno.

HARRIMAN – Orange County has completed trailhead access to the Heritage Trail in Harriman.

As part of the improvements at the trailhead, an existing rail bridge was reconstructed to create a pathway over the Ramapo River. A 200-foot concrete walkway and a paved parking lot were built along that portion of the trail.

Construction on the extension of the trail from Goshen to Middletown should be completed in the fall. At the conclusion of that work, the trail would extend 25 miles from Harriman to Middletown.

The trail now runs some 14.5 miles from Goshen to Harriman with some 150,000 people using it each year for running, biking, hiking and environmental and nature studies.

There are access points in Monroe, Chester and Goshen.

The trail features historic landmarks, scenic views, a bird/wildlife sanctuary and access to dining and shopping in the municipalities through which it runs.

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