Ellenville community comes together to discuss policing

ELLENVILLE – The community advisory committee selected to review the procedures of the Ellenville Village Police Department met on Tuesday and Chief Philip Mattracion expects to have a plan in place as per the governor months ahead of his April 2021 deadline.

Mattracion stressed the importance of being open with the community they serve.

“Transparency is the biggest thing when you are talking about police agencies and the more transparent, the less problems you will have, and certainly the trainings ae important – you talk about implicit bias and sensitivity training – we are going to be conducting those,” he said. “It is good for everybody to see what we do on a daily basis and how you can make an impact and a difference on what we do on a regular workday.”

The Rev. Julius Collins, pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church in Ellenville, has been in the community for decades and he said they have always had a good working relationship with the police. He would hope and expect it to remain that way as a new generation of police officers join the force.

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