ECS Brands Makes Play to Become Industry Leaders with New Facility

ECS Brands is determined to become an industry leader in the burgeoning world of cannabinoid health and wellness. So much so that the company had grown at a staggering rate over the past few years, and even outgrew their original premises. Despite construction almost being completed on a new, state-of-the-art cGMP lab, the company decided to uproot for a larger facility more geared toward their long and short-term goals. 


Indeed, news broke across the industry last week that ECS Brands had moved to secure the 10,000 square feet research and development facility previously owned by Dean Foods. This marks a positive and proactive step in the right direction when it comes to developing the business and innovating their products. 


As a huge player in the hemp-based industry, ECS Brands looks to have an exciting future in this regulated market, and they are definitely one of the company’s to watch. Arthur Jaffee, who is fronting the company talked about this exciting new development, and how it looks set to be a game-changer. He said, “Exciting times lie ahead for ECS. We have been working tirelessly to perfect groundbreaking hemp and CBD innovations that will transform and disrupt the industry, pushing the envelope for quality and creativity.”


With extensive research into ingredients, products, and branding, ECS clearly feels that this move is essential for the next step that is going to take the company forward and help make a mark in the industry. The reinvention of hemp protein to help it play a role in health and well-being has long been a focal point for the industry, and this is something that ECS Brands prides itself on embracing. 


One of the biggest appeals of moving to this new facility is the fact that it means ECS Brands will also acquire state of the art equipment and technology, which in turn will allow them to take their Quantum Molecular Partitioning technology to the next level, and implement cutting-edge approaches to hemp and CBD products. 


Clearly Jaffee and ECS view themselves as innovators in this industry, and there is a good bet their products could well take things to the next level and push the industry further into the public eye. This is something that would have positive ramifications for the entire industry as a whole, and would position ECS Brands as one of the biggest business names in the world of hemp-based products. 


With a commitment to ongoing research and development, along with a dedication to bettering themselves, their products, and their brands, ECS is certainly a market leader in many respects.

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