Special delivery at Uptown Kingston restaurant

Special delivery: Kyrie Ezra

KINGSTON — They’re delivering more than food these days at Front Street Tavern.

On Saturday night, the special package arrived in the form of a baby birthed by Jessica Jones, the manager at the Uptown restaurant, during her busy dinner-hour shift.

Kyrie Ezra came six weeks early, surprising both his mom and fellow restaurant employees.

Just before 7 p.m., Jones began experiencing contractions, which she at first dismissed as false labor.

“I just thought they were Braxton Hicks because I was only 35 weeks,” she said. “They came on strong and didn’t let up. I went to sit down and take a break, and I knew it was time. I’ve had two other labors, so I knew there was probably no making it to the hospital by the way I was feeling.”

Jones went into the bathroom, while another employee called 911. Restaurant coworkers stood by to support her, while emergency personnel arrived and laid towels around her.

“They told me to get on the floor and that we were having this baby. I got on the floor and got him out in one push,” Jones said.

Kyrie Ezra was born at 7:06 p.m., weighing four pounds and eliciting great emotion and cheers as he was put into his mother’s arms.

“It was the fastest delivery I’ve ever seen in my life,” said fellow manager Bonnie Mayer. “She screamed once, and the baby was born. It was just amazing.”

Server Michelle Mahon said she was on the restaurant’s rooftop deck, waiting tables when she found out what was happening.

“I knew in my gut this was it, and I had to get downstairs for my good friend and be by her side,” she said. “This happened so fast that I literally went downstairs to help deliver a baby and went right back upstairs without any of my tables knowing.

“Jessica left the restaurant, looking just as beautiful as the moment she walked in with her blue mini-dress. I knew she was in good company on her way to the hospital with her mother by her side,” Mahon said.

The paramedics took Jones and the baby to Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie. Aside from blood-pressure issues, Jones is doing well, and her son is being cared for in the neonatal intensive care unit.

“He’s perfect and doing everything on his own,” said Jones, who has two other boys, Apollo, 9, and Maxim, 7.

Front Street Tavern Owner Mark Guido said his family has owned 20 restaurants over a 52-year period, and this marked a first.

“It was a surprise for sure,” said Guido, who was on vacation when it happened. “I asked my dad (Frank Guido) if we ever had anything like this before, and he said it hadn’t.

“We once had someone die of a heart attack while dining with us at Mariner’s years ago, but never a baby being born. I guess we now have the full circle of life going on here. It’s another joyous occasion as things are finally turning around and opening up.

“We wish Jess and the baby the best. For us at Front Street, it’s a delivery we’ll never forget,” Guido said.

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