GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center bids farewell to Lobo

MILFORD, PA – With heavy hearts, the board, staff, volunteers, and program participants of GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center recently bid farewell to Lobo, a beloved member of GAIT’s specially trained herd of horses.  Lobo, aka Pikos Peppy Girl, passed away on May 23, 2020; she was 24 years old.

A beautiful Palomino Quarter Horse, Lobo was donated to GAIT in the summer of 2015 by longtime friend of GAIT, Ron Barillo. During their time together, Barillo noted how Lobo was always patient with him and quickly learned to adapt to his needs. He stated, “Lobo always took care of me. If we got into an awkward situation on the trail, she would always bail me out.”

When Barillo, due to illness, became unable to give Lobo the care and attention he felt she deserved, he donated her to GAIT, where he knew she would have a good life filled with purpose, since GAIT’s mission is to improve quality-of-life for people with special needs through equine activities and therapies. Lobo’s sweet disposition, intelligence, and gentle nature quickly made her an important member of the GAIT family.


Lobo was kind to everyone she met. She always seemed to know who needed her warm breath on their hands or her muzzle on their shoulder.  Smart as a whip, she picked up riders’ needs and patiently waited for them to feel comfortable. She eagerly went where riders asked and carried them safely through obstacles on their path. She was a good horse who will be sorely missed.

To donate in memory of Lobo or to make a gift toward the care and upkeep of any horse in GAIT’s herd, visit their website, call 570-409-1140, or email [email protected].  GAIT is located at 314 Foster Hill Road, Milford, PA 18337.

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