Protesters march in Middletown; police stake out Walmart

Police vehicles line up in front of the Town of Wallkill Walmart store Wednesday night as word that instigators might be on their way to loot the store

MIDDLETOWN/WALLKILL – An estimated 400 protesters walked through the streets of Middletown Wednesday evening with police blocking intersections so the marchers could continue on their way as they called for unity and an end to violence. The event drew the large attendance even though the organizers had cancelled their planned march.

There were rumors that the marchers would continue from the city into the Town of Wallkill on the Route 211 shopping district to the Walmart store.

As a precaution, wooden pallets were piled up blocking both entrances and 15 police cars from the State Police, Wallkill Town Police and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, lined up in front of the store in the event they had to secure the facility.

The skies opened at one point dumping buckets of water on the area. The police remained at Walmart for some time thereafter.

The two main entrances at the Town of Wallkill Walmart store were blocked Wednesday in the event looters showed up

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