Letter to the Editor: Danskammer project should be rejected


The letter from Bill Reid, CEO of Danskammer Energy, LLC  points out how confused readers are about what causes air pollution. He tells us that even the American Lung Association would point a finger at coal, oil, and wood combustion over gas. But is it really “the cleanest power option available” as he contends? 

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists that does not consider the release of methane which is a prime constituent of natural gas. The EPA recently doubled its estimate of methane leaks that come from natural gas infrastructure. According to a study by the Environmental Defense Fund, “ colorless, odorless methane is responsible for at least one-quarter of today’s global warming.”In New Mexico, they found that methane leaks are often undetected and combine with cancer-causing benzene and smog-forming chemicals at both oil and gas sites. Families in the area complained of headaches, asthma, and sinus problems.

Is it any wonder that 13 communities are in opposition and both parties think the cost is too high for upwind low-income communities?  We need to call on Governor Cuomo to reject permits for building a new plant while the application is still pending. We can move ahead with the goal of 70% of New York’s electric energy from renewables by 2030 without falling back on fossil fuels.

Yes, Mr. Reid, I don’t think we need a lesson on the “true” causes of air pollution because most of us are not confused on this issue. 

Patricia Henighan
Walden, NY

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