Letter to the Editor: Farkas will hit the ground running

To the Editor,

A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Evelyn Farkas, a candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 17th Congressional District, the seat from which Nita Lowey will retire in January. There is no doubt that Evelyn is far and away the superior candidate in the crowded field vying for the opportunity to represent you in Washington.

While she is extremely bright and personable and tends toward the moderate pole of the Democratic political spectrum, the thing that distinguishes Evelyn from each one of her opponents is her experience. She’s been there! She’s done that!

Evelyn served as an aide and advisor to several U.S. Senators and completed a tour as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Obama. So she knows Washington. She knows how things work and how to get things done. She knows many of the people who will be in the Congress and Administration next year and just who to call for whatever objective she might wish to pursue.

Regardless of who wins the presidency in November, the next Congress will face extraordinary challenges. And we can’t afford to have a representative who will have to spend the first several months in on-the-job training. Because of her experience, Evelyn will hit the ground running and she’ll be there, working hard for you when any of her opponents would still be trying to figure out how to get to their offices and where the restrooms are.

Check out her website at www.evelynforny.com. And if you agree that she is exactly the right person for this position, you might want to send her a couple of bucks to ensure her message gets out to the whole district. And, of course, cast your ballot for Evelyn Farkas on June 23.


Joel E. Gingold
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