Letter to the Editor: Danskammer protects shareholders, not residents

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There are some simple reasons local residents are opposed to Danskammer’s plan to turn a seldom-used “peaker” plant into a fully operational fracked gas power plant on the Hudson River: Leaks and accidents from fracked gas projects are constantly in the news, and the emissions of methane and benzene will disrupt the health and safety of surrounding communities. 

Danskammer speaks for its shareholders and investors, not for the people who live in the Hudson Valley.

While company CEO Bill Reid claims that this proposed fracked gas power plant is an improvement to the region’s air quality compared to the hypothetical alternative of a petroleum or coal-fired plant, the truth is that we must not ‘choose’ one form of pollution for another. Given the existing renewable energy technology available, this is a dishonest portrayal of our options. His argument does nothing to quell the concerns of local residents; risks of cancer and upper respiratory issues will increase in the Hudson Valley region as a result of this plant.

There is a reason New York banned fracking; fracked gas isn’t safe. When you take the full life cycle into account, fracked gas is worse for the climate than coal.  It is not our responsibility to save the dying fossil fuel industry. Governor Cuomo must protect the health and safety of future generations by stopping Danskammer and investing in clean, renewable power.

Emily Skydel
New Rochelle, NY
Hudson Valley Organizer
Food & Water Watch

The views expressed in the letter are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Mid Hudson News.