Ellenville slashes village police budget to save money

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ELLENVILLE – Nearly half of the Village of Ellenville’s $4 million annual budget pays for the police department and in these uncertain economic times with a fiscal year budget due by June 1, the board of trustees cut some $200,000 from law enforcement.

Village Manager Michael Warren said, though, it will not impact their highly successful community policing program.

“We are going to main that presence on the street because they are so good with the community we feel that is probably one of the most important things,” he said. Ellenville has been fortunate to have a really good police presence and a good working relationship with the community,” he said.

The village board eliminated one vacant lieutenant’s position and reduced three sergeant’s posts to patrol officers. Two of those three slots were vacant, Warren said.

The village board will go back and review the budget in three months to see if it needed further adjustments, he said.