Gunther: Keep summer camps closed

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MONTICELLO – The decision is up to Governor Cuomo, but one state lawmaker says in her opinion, summer camps should not be allowed to open this season because of the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

Aileen Gunther, who is a registered nurse, said it would be extremely difficult to maintain social distancing and other virus protection measures.

“Having the capacity to disinfect every bathrooms, showers, then there is laundry, there are many things to think about,” she said. “So as much as we want those children to get out – their parents are planning on it – we what them to get out of the city or come to our community – of course it helps our economy, but also I think we have to think about health before we think about the economy at this moment.”

Gunther said if there is an outbreak with camps open, she doesn’t think the hospitals in Sullivan and Orange counties could handle it.