Inmates attack five officers at Eastern Correctional

NAPANOCH – Five officers were injured in two separate attacks Wednesday at the maximum security Eastern Correctional Facility in Napanoch leaving one officer with fractures to her nasal cavity and orbital bone, the New York State Corrections Officers PBA reported Friday.

The first attack occurred at approximately 2:15 p.m.  Two officers were escorting an inmate from the yard back to his cell.  As the officers reached the courtyard area leading from the yard, the inmate attacked both officers, striking them repeatedly in the head and body.  Two doses of pepper spray were administered to the inmate with no immediate effect.

The two officers were able to get the inmate in a body hold and force him to the ground.  On the ground, the officers were able to get mechanical restraints on the inmate and removed him from the courtyard.  He was placed in a Special Housing Unit.

The inmate, 29, is serving a 20 to 23 year sentence after being convicted in Kings County in 2014 for attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon, robbery and burglary.

A short time later, inside the recreation yard near the yard gate, another inmate attacked an officer who was responding to the first attack.  The inmate grabbed the officer by the back of his jacket collar and repeatedly punched him in the head, back, face and neck. A female officer came to assist and the inmate struck her in the face.

Pepper spray was administered twice to the inmate by a third officer. He was grabbed in a body hold and forced to the ground.  He stopped fighting and mechanical restraints were applied.  The inmate was removed from the area and transferred to Sullivan Correctional Facility.

The inmate, 43, is serving a 32 years to life sentence after being convicted in Kings County in 1994 for two counts of murder, and two counts of robbery.

The female officer was transported to a local hospital and treated for fractures to her nasal cavity and left orbital bone.  She also sustained a laceration to the left side of her nose and swelling that closed her left eye.  She will need additional orthopedic treatment to insert a titanium plate to stabilize her facial injury.

The officer she came to assist was also transported to a local hospital and treated for abrasions, swelling to his jaw, face and neck.  He was unable to return to duty.

The two officers injured in the first attack also sustained injuries.  One officer was taken to a local hospital and treated for two lacerations to his fingers, right wrist pain and swelling, and eye reddening.  The second officer was treated at the facility for a knee abrasion and remained on duty.

Another officer, who responded to the incident, sustained right knee pain.  He remained on duty.

“Simply put, this was a brutal, vicious attack on staff by two violent inmates who have no regard for rules or discipline. Inmates, with murder and attempted murder convictions, who clearly know that discipline for these attacks will be minimal.  Until DOCCS changes their disciplinary policies these types of attacks will continue. I am extremely thankful that all of the officers will recover from their injuries.” said Mike Mazzella , NYSCOPBA Mid-Hudson Region vice president.

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