UCRRA makes recycling more difficult and costly in Kingston, says mayor

KINGSTON – The Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency has notified Mayor Steven Noble by phone that its board adopted an increased fee for cardboard collection. That, said the mayor, came without any notification or request for comment from city officials or residents.

“The Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency, since its initial efforts to dissolve its single-stream recycling initiative has continued to turn its back on the residents of the City of Kingston,” said Noble. Noting the city is the agency’s largest individual municipal customer and “has seemingly done everything it can to make recycling in our municipality harder and more expensive,” he said.

The agency’s decision this week is “the latest unscrupulous tactic in mismanaging and gouging our community on recycling fees,” Noble said.

He said the agency is proposing to charge almost $50 a ton for the city’s mixed paper material. “Currently, the city is not charged for its recycling, and in fact, UCRRA gets paid almost $50 a ton for the cardboard collected from Kington businesses and keeps 100 percent of those funds,” Noble said.

The mayor said in the midst of a pandemic, “when there has been a marked increase in only purchasing, and as a result, more cardboard, the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency wants to penalize the City of Kingston.”
He called on the UCRRA board to rescind the resolution before it takes effect on June 1.

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