Teen stressing over post-quarantine vacation

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Student Journalist Zara Tranquada

Mid-Hudson News has launched a “Student Journalist” section to allow elementary, middle, and high-school students to write essays or “news as they see it” for submission (details below).  The following is an essay from one of our “Student Journalists”, Zara Tranquada.

I know all of us are going crazy because of quarantine, I am too, but when I’m done with quarantine, I want to have the vacation I never had. I was looking forward to a vacation for spring break very much. I was preparing what to pack, what to wear, what to do, and much more. But now, not only have I lost my vacation, I lost my spring break. I bet my school thinks we are having an extended spring break or something like that but the truth is, we are having the opposite. I hope whoever is in charge of spring breaks and stuff like that sees this article because I need to tell them something, please give us a spring break that we have been looking forward to and deserve when we get back to school! Also, please don’t take away our summer break or any of the other breaks we have because the most important thing for us kid’s or at least for me, is having something to look forward to when doing our school work, studying, and tests. When I am working hard and tired and stressed from schoolwork, looking forward to a well-deserved break or even just a weekend, is all I need as a boost to get through the school day. That is what I do every day at school. 

My vacation was going to be in Florida. I know it’s a popular place to go and probably not that exciting to some people, but for me, it’s a big deal. I have severe eczema,( I know it sounds completely unrelated to Florida but just keep reading). The hot weather and salt oceans in Florida actually make my eczema temporarily go away almost completely and give me complete relief of my constant itching, tightness of skin, redness, cracking of the skin, and fidgeting from discomfort. So my vacation was a very big deal to me because I knew I was almost guaranteed to have my eczema go away. Last time I went on vacation, my dog, Kenzie, came with us. She absolutely loved to run around on the dog beaches we brought her to and her fur got so curly and natural-looking with the sand, saltwater and sun on it. We bonded a lot on vacation. We also did many fun activities like swimming, paddle boarding,mini-golfing, looking at sand art sculptures, going to the park, and visiting a marine aquarium, and seeing the famous Winter the dolphin! I also had a lot of fun on vacation but that was no surprise given that vacation is supposed to be fun. Overall, that is what I want to do when quarantine is over. I know that one of these days, this will all be over and in fact, be part of history. Stay well, stay healthy, and remember, we are all in this together.

About the author:
I am Zara Tranquada. I recently turned thirteen on March 4th. I live in Newburgh, New York and I attend Heritage Middle school. I have a passion for plants, animals, and the living environment.  I like hiking, biking and playing tennis.
If you have a student that is interested in writing a submission, please send an email to Todd Bender at bender@midhudsonnews.com and ask for the submission requirements.