Lack of social distancing causes multiple trail closures

Trails are closed due to people not practicing social-distancing.

HUDSON VALLEY – Multiple trails in the Hudson Highlands State Park are closed until further notice, including all trails leading to Breakneck Ridge and Mt. Taurus.

 Due to the physical topography of the Hudson Highlands and the narrow roads that line the approaches to these congested trailheads, hikers are unable to practice appropriate social distancing. The number of cars and pedestrians walking along the high-speed state road is creating a dangerous situation.

 As recently as this past weekend, cars were parked on both shoulders of Route 9D in the area of the trailheads, creating an unsafe traffic condition.  At one point, Town of Fishkill police officers were sent to the area in order to direct traffic.  On Tuesday, the area was being patrolled by the State Police, who were enforcing the ‘no parking’ rules.

The temporary closures include the following trails and parking areas:

????Mount Beacon parking area and trail, (Town of Beacon, Dutchess County)

????Breakneck Ridge, (Town of Fishkill)

????Wilkinson Trailhead, (Town of Fishkill)

????Notch Trail, (Town of Fishkill)

????Washburn Parking Lot, (Town of Philipstown, Putnam County)

????Little Stony Point Trails, (Town of Philipstown)

????Brook Trail, (Town of Philipstown)

????Indian Brook Falls Trail, (Town of Philipstown)

????Anthony’s Nose and Appalachian Trail connector, (Town of Cortlandt, Westchester       County)

????U Bend parking on Goat Trail, (Town of Cortlandt)

????Toll House parking lot, (Town of Cortlandt)

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