Hudson Valley petroleum leader helps Vassar Hospital staff

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A Gasland facility in Middletown, NY.

NEW PALTZ – Gasland Petroleum announced the delivery of a significant and much-needed contribution to Vassar Brothers Medical Center (VBMC) located in Poughkeepsie. Gasland’s donation will help provide the hospital with 2,000 protective masks and 2,000 medical gowns to equip doctors, nurses and staff with the crucial personal protective equipment (PPE) they need to battle the COVID-19 crisis.

“We want to express our deep appreciation for all the medical professionals and essential hospital staff working tirelessly to save lives,” said Majed “Mitch” Nesheiwat, Gasland Petroleum Founder, CEO and longtime Dutchess County resident. “At Gasland, we remain committed to serving our community, especially during these very challenging times. My sons and I want to emphasize that we are all in this together, and we urge all members of the community, businesses, and individuals alike, to take action in the continued fight against this virus.”

Nesheiwat added, “For those who are able, please consider making donations to hospitals, local food pantries, shelters, the American Red Cross, or even purchasing gift cards from local retailers or restaurants to provide financial support during mandated closures.”

To learn more about ways to give to Vassar Brothers Medical Center, please visit: