Chinese American medical professionals donate 10,000 masks to Orange County

Victoria Alberto of ACUC with OC Executive Steven Neuhaus.

GOSHEN – The American Chinese United Care Alliance donated 10,000 N95 masks on Monday to be distributed to locations with a high risk of COVID-19 in Orange County including hospitals, the jail, and nursing homes.

The alliance is an organization made up of Chinese and Chinese American medical professionals and have raised millions of dollars to help provide PPE (personal protective equipment) the COVID-19 effort in the U.S.

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus said every morning his staff and representatives from all of the county hospitals conduct an assessment to see what equipment is in the shortest supply and where, so they allocate those supplies where they’re needed most on a day to day basis.

Neuhaus said the N95 mask is the most sought after.

“We’re burning through them in nursing homes and in hospitals by the hundreds every couple hours,” said Neuhaus.

These masks will go primarily to Orange County Regional Medical Center, with other areas of high-need having them distributed based on priority.

Neuhaus thanked the alliance and said they are another example of cooperation and initiative that he has seen occurring throughout the county during this crisis.

“Even though we’re in the middle of the storm right now, I see a great number of positive examples of people, everyday people, rising to the occasion doing good things,” said Neuhaus. “Whether they’re making masks at home, delivering food- you name it. People have stepped up across our community and that’s how we’re going to get through this,” he said.

The county is still in need of more N95 masks, due to the rate of use and they also still need additional ventilators for hospitals at this time.

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