12-year-old girl describes being affected by COVID-19

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POUGHKEEPSIE – My life has changed a lot since COVID-19 started going around. I used to be able to hang out with my friends and be with them on their birthdays, but now I can only see them if I facetime them, even that is hard because not all of them have a phone. I know at least 10 people that couldn’t do anything for their birthdays because everything is closed. I can’t go out with them anymore, I can only go home and my mom’s job.  When I am at my mom’s job I do my school work for the day. If I do not have school work for that day I go on my computer or phone and entertain myself. Sometimes when I go on my phone I will text or facetime my friends. Most days I feel bad because so many people have died and that makes me want to cry. When you think of it, it’s very unsettling to know how many people have died because of the virus. 24,734 people have died by 4/14/20 in America. 

Me and my family used to have a routine that we would use throughout the week, but that has changed. Our routine is somewhat the same in some ways, both my parents are considered essential workers. On the day that my dad is off we stay home and I complete any schoolwork I have then I go on my phone and watch t.v.  On other days I go to my mom’s job. When I am at her job I complete any school work I have then I go on my phone, computer, or tablet. Then at the end of the day, we go home we sometimes watch a movie. After that we have dinner and I take a shower then we go to bed. 

I have to take 5 classes including physical education (PE), it’s hard to do PE when you can’t go places or be with your friends, or other people. It is also hard to do some of my other classes because we are sometimes assigned videos that we have to watch but they do not work. It can be challenging because before we left school we were just moving on to a new topic, but then we had to leave so it is a bit harder on that one topic. Every year my school puts on a play, this year the play was going to be My Son Pinocchio Jr. This would have been my first time being in a play. I am very disappointed because in this crazy time we don’t even know if we will be able to return to school this school year.  I was really looking forward to being in the play, I was going to play Rosa, a fairy in training.

Student Journalist Nelsa Fralick

My aunt had tested positive for Coronavirus but thankfully she was just quarantined at her house. My uncle (her husband) also had it, he was in the hospital in ICU but was able to recover and go home. All in all, I wish this would pass before anyone else in my family gets sick and can’t recover. I pray for anyone that is/was affected by this virus.

About the author:
My name is Nelsa Fralick and I am 12 years old. I go to Saint Peter’s Catholic School, I am in the 7th grade. I live in Poughkeepsie. I like to read books, play outside, and at school, I am in the ITV program.