Letter to the Editor: Leave Trump World for reality

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Our nation is in the grips of the Trump ‘Twilight Zone’ World. For the Trump loyalists trying to navigate through this national coronavirus epidemic, I sincerely ask you don’t follow the Trump signposts. They mislead and misguide you. One signpost reads ‘the coronavirus outbreak is a Democrat hoax;’ another is written ‘ignore our intelligence warnings of the coronavirus pandemic;’ travel a little further and the signpost reads ‘the flu is worse than the COVID-19 infection;’ close by another one pops up ‘the virus outbreak will run its course and magically disappear;’ moving along another signpost appears spelling out ‘by Easter Sunday the coronavirus will be overcome and the economy reopened;’ traveling a good distance another signpost emerges calling ‘for the exemption of Easter Sunday services from the restricted guidelines that address the virus;’ the final signpost stresses ‘the national medical supply stockpile is “ours” exclusive of the states.’

Trump supporters, it’s not too late to exit his dangerous world. To follow Trump’s signposts with such mixed messages will make it extremely difficult to navigate unscathed in trying to reach the other side of this viral scourge; they can only lead to disaster. I strongly suggest you leave Trump’s perilous world and step back into reality to get the unvarnished truth about the coronavirus crisis from Dr. Fauci and other public health experts. Dr. Fauci continuously gives you accurate assessments of this lethal virus, its impact on the general public and how to address it with specific guidelines to follow. The doctor is a top-notch immunologist, an expert on viruses, who is presently the Director of the Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Most importantly he and the other public health experts have their priorities in proper alignment; they put the sanctity of human life over economic revival.

John Lown
Maybrook, NY

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