COVID-19 claimed more lives in New York than 9/11

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ALBANY – Actions by New Yorkers are flattening the curve of the coronavirus with the number of patients in hospitals declining, but Governor Andrew Cuomo, Wednesday, warned residents not to become complacent. The numbers could swing the other way and go back up, he warned.

Tuesday saw the largest number of deaths from the virus in one day in New York – 779.

The governor also noted the number of people in the state to die to this point are more than double those killed in the World Trade Center attacks – 3,753 died on September 11 compared with 6.268 people killed by the virus.

To honor those who have died from the virus, Cuomo ordered all flags flown at half-staff.

He also expressed concern as to why more African Americans and Latinos have been affected by the virus and he announced the state will explore the reasons for that.

Cuomo also said the state will also pay $600 to all unemployed New Yorkers and will extend unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 39 weeks and for the June 23 primary election, the state will accept absentee ballots for anyone who is concerned about going to the polls to vote.