Twenty-three people die in Orange County over weekend

Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus

GOSHEN – Over this past weekend that statistics have been compiled, 23 people died in Orange County from the coronavirus. County Executive Steven Neuhaus made the sobering announcement during his daily video report on Monday evening.

That brings to 76, the total number of people to have succumbed from the disease.

Neuhaus had one request for able-bodied people who want to offer their services to the community.

“One of the main things we are doing right now because a lot of people are unemployed or at least home or working from home is to make sure people have food. We also want to make sure they have their prescriptions. All that stuff is being handled, but we do need some people to volunteer and help get those goods to people,” he said.

Neuhaus said the county’s hospitals have 25 percent of their ICU beds available. At the present time, 290 people are hospitalized, he said.

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