Southern Orange municipal leaders ask governor to declare Town of Palm Tree containment area

Governor Andrew Cuomo dines with residents of Kiryas Joel (Facebook photo- November 3, 2018)

SOUTHERN ORANGE – A number of village mayors and town supervisors in southern Orange County have written to Governor Cuomo asking him to designate the Town of Palm Tree as a containment area due to the numbers of COVID-19 cases and residents breaking the guidelines prohibiting gatherings.

In an April 3 letter, they asked the governor to order a containment area similar to the one created weeks ago in New Rochelle when an outbreak of COVID-19 occurred.

“We have a similar hotspot here in Orange County in the Town of Palm Tree,” the local officials wrote. “Only covering approximately two square miles, Palm Tree leads Orange County with diagnosed cases of COVID-19. Our towns and villages all surround Palm Tree and there is much commuting by its residents into neighboring municipalities.”

The officials note they are aware that County Executive Steven Neuhaus made a similar request, which was rejected.

“The only responsible step to keep all neighboring villages and towns safe is to issue a containment order,” the write.

The letter was signed by South Blooming Grove Village Mayor James Lofranco; Monroe Village Mayor Neil Dwyer; Harriman Village Mayor Stephen Welle; Woodbury Village Mayor Timothy Egan; Robert Jeroloman, supervisor of the Town of Blooming Grove; Anthony Cardone, supervisor of the Town of Monroe; and Frank Palermo, supervisor of the Town of Woodbury.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Palm Tree have been estimated to comprise 20 to 25 percent of the total in Orange County.






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