Orange County Legislature confirms new planning commissioner

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GOSHEN – The Orange County Legislature, Friday, confirmed Alan Sorensen as the county’s new planning commissioner, replacing David Church who retired after many years in that post.

The vote by the Republican-dominated legislature was not unanimous. Four Democrats voted against it, led by Minority Leader Michael Paduch.

“He is the minority leader in the Sullivan County Legislature and from a sheet that I have in regards to him, he is staying focused on Sullivan County, too, and as the minority leader he will be at his sessions, he will be encouraging different things on Broadway, which I am reading here as he is trying to revitalized Broadway (in Monticello) and he makes a statement that he feels a strong sense of responsibility to Sullivan County,” Paduch said.

Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus, left, with the county’s new planning commissioner, Alan Sorensen

The Orange County lawmaker said he would feel more comfortable if Sorensen resigned from his elected Sullivan County post.

Paduch also expressed concern with Sorensen dealing with federal transportation funding, which could be a violation of the Hatch Act.

Orange County Legislature Counsel Antoinette Reed said Sorensen would be paid from funds other than those that the county receives from the US Department of Transportation.