Four more Dutchess County residents succumb to COVID-19


POUGHKEEPSIE – The number of people to die from COVID-19 in Dutchess County stands at nine following the announcement that four more people passed away on Thursday.

The latest victims include an 83-year-old woman and three men, ages 79, 82 and 28.

Thursday’s news “brings more heartbreaking loss” to the county, said County Executive Marcus Molinaro.

“Dutchess County, like the Mid-Hudson Valley, is not near the apex and we are not at a point where we have seen the last of a new case or the last of death and we need to be vigilant. We need families and residents and young people to be vigilant, to exercise distancing, to limit that social interaction and to stay home, and if we do that, we will slow the rate of growth,” he said.

County Health Commissioner Dr. Anil Vaidian said if you believe you have symptoms, especially if you have other health risk factors, contact your primary care physician to be tested and ensure follow-up monitoring. 

For those who are healthy, the doctor says you should stay at home and keep others healthy.

Dutchess County has launched a COVID-19 dashboard database.

Dutchess County has unveiled a COVID-19 dashboard to provide recent statistics on COVID-19 in the county.  The desktop site can be found at while the mobile version is located at

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