Gas prices plummet with COVID-19

Gas price at Town of Wallkill station

MID-HUDSON – Social distancing, staying away from crowds, remaining at home if possible, are all effects of the deadly coronavirus plaguing the world.

A great many stores are closed, restaurants may only sell takeout orders, only essential workers may be on the job, and driving is at a minimum.

That has resulted in significantly lower prices at the gas pumps for those who venture out on the roads.

Here is a look at average gas prices in the Hudson Valley as reported on GasBuddy on March 29, 2020:

Beacon – $2.29

Carmel – $2.49

Catskill – $2.47

Hudson – $2.25

Kingston – $2.17

Middletown – $2.29

Monticello – $2.19

Newburgh – $2.29

Peekskill – $2.47

Poughkeepsie – $2.24

Spring Valley – $2.19

White Plains – $2.39

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