Businessman secures 800 surgical masks for first responders

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GOSHEN – A local businessman has donated 800 surgical masks to Mobile Life Support Services, an emergency medical provider.

“These dedicated first responders are on the front lines,” said Josh Sommers, president of Focus Media, Inc. “As a son of a former EMT, I am proud to provide a modest donation to men and women who – with honor, courage, and sacrifice – serve local residents around the clock when they need it most.”

Sommers said he hopes his donation “starts a chain of others who may be in commercial industries, research and development and other related fields to donate essential equipment to emergency-response teams and hospitals.”

“With the national shortage of protective equipment, these will be a huge help to our staff as they provide emergency medical care to those in need throughout the Hudson Valley.

Sommers personally purchased the in-demand and hard-to-find masks from a client in the research and development industry. Mobile Life Support Services is also a client of Sommers.