Health issues are a concern in nursing homes, says Orange County executive

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(photo: Bob McCormick)

GOSHEN – As of Thursday, Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus said there are over 600 positive test results all across the county.

There are “a handful – less than five” county employees with the virus, and nursing homes in the county are testing positive as well, he said.

“Those nursing homes, and I have a number of them in Orange County, 55 and over and older nursing homes, we are constantly monitoring and there are people that are in the hospital from these nursing homes. There are people being tested. There are people being tested. There are people showing symptoms. They might not meet all the criteria that Joe Public might need to be tested, but they are being treated very seriously,” he said.

On Wednesday, several ambulances arrived at New Windsor Country Inn, a senior citizen residential facility in New Windsor, with patients reporting shortness of breath.