Delgado urges president to use Defense Production Act

Rep. Delgado speaking on the floor of Congress.

WASHINGTON – It is a good thing that President Trump has authorized the Federal Defense Production Act, but he should actually put it to use immediately, Congressman Antonio Delgado (D, NY-19) said on Tuesday.

The act would mandate that designated companies stop what they normally manufacture and start making what is needed for the good of the country.

Delgado said that is needed immediately.

“It gives the president the power to direct businesses to produce needed supplies in defense of our nation and we need some supplies right now. We need to bring to bear all of our resources, both in the public and private sectors,” he said. “It is not enough to just say we hope to use it. We have real needs, particularly in our rural communities, to make sure that we have the equipment on the ground to protect our medical professionals and save lives.”

Delgado said it is imperative that the government provide relief to small businesses by waiving Small Business Administration loans for six months and also to provide revenue to those businesses for them to remain operational and retain their employees.

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