$2 trillion emergency aid package to pump billions into New York economy

WASHINGTON – The $2 trillion bailout agreed upon by Congress will allocate an initial $40 billion to New York State including funds that will go directly to residents, others to business and still other money for hospitals.

US Senator Charles Schumer of New York, the Senate Democratic Minority leader, negotiated more benefits for the people.

“Overall it is a comprehensive package. We can tell New Yorkers there is help on the way; it’s quick aid and it’s large aid, and we are going to continue to do it. This will not be the last package. There will be more money that’s coming in, but we think this is a very strong, strong medicine for New York to help fight the economic and healthcare crisis caused by corona,” he said.

The package will include $1,200 per person earning under $75,000 per year and
$2,400 for couples. Children in the family would get $500.

State aid will amount to $5.1 billion, $4.5 million for New York City mass transit and $150 billion for hospitals.

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