Letter to the Editor: Conservatives are pro-business


For as long as I’ve been a member of the New York State Conservative Party, 40 plus years, we’ve always been and remain pro-small business. As we struggle with the effects of the coronavirus the government leaders must keep in mind that small business is the backbone of our great nation and is needed more than ever right now. The decisions made in Albany and Washington must keep in mind the importance of small business and the struggles they are enduring. 

A small business may employ small numbers but their economic contribution is far more than meets the eye.  They may need supplies delivered by truck and the truck needs a driver, the truck needs fuel and upkeep and so on.   The positive economic chain a small business creates is felt by many. And, when that small business slows or even closes the effect is felt in a negative way by many. Every business be it either a sole proprietor or family-owned contributes to our economy in many ways. 

According to JP Morgan Chase, over 99 percent of America’s 28.7 million firms are small businesses. The vast majority (88 percent) of employer firms have fewer than 20 employees, and nearly 40 percent of all enterprises have under $100k in revenue. 

The politicians in Albany, Washington, local counties and municipalities must consider this when they enact bans and laws, especially now.  I urge policymakers to think “small business” before they act. Small businesses don’t want a government handout, they want to work and help their communities in this time of need!

Don Minichino, Chairman, Dutchess County Conservative Party

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