Governor tightens business stay-at-home rule, blasts spring break students

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Governor Andrew Cuomo and his daughter, Michaela, who joined him on Thursday at his daily coronavirus

ALBANY – Governor Cuomo, Thursday, upped his order that 50 percent of employees at a business must work from home to 75 percent. His latest action continues the effort to keep the coronavirus from spreading through social contact.

He also said the actions of college student spring breakers who have taken to the beaches in Florida in large numbers are “unintelligent and reckless” because they put themselves at risk of catching the virus and they can spread it to others in close proximity.

The governor announced some relief for furloughed or unemployed people as a result of COVID-19. He said banks have placed a 90-day freeze without penalty on mortgage payments provided the homeowner meets certain criteria.

He said surveys of available hospital beds are ongoing and ventilators for those with severe breathing problems from the virus, hospitals are attempting to identify manufacturers and purchase as many as they can. There are between 5,000 and 6,000 of those devices in New York State now with an estimate of 30,000 needed when the virus peaks.