More COVID-19 cases confirmed in Orange County

GOSHEN – The Orange County Health Department was notified on Saturday that three more Orange County residents have tested positive for coronavirus.

As of Saturday, the county has six positive cases.

Despite other area counties revealing the hometowns of those with COVID-19, Orange County is citing federal, state and local public health laws as the reason why they will not provide any identifying information about patients, including location.

Orange County Emergency Services Commissioner Brendan Casey, left, and County Legislature Chairman Stephen Brescia discuss the latest information about COVID-19 while at the county emergency operations center

County Health Commissioner Dr. Irina Gelman said the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-1, the flu and other droplet-spread viruses, continues to be practice basic, common sense personal hygiene including washing your hands frequently and thoroughly, refraining from touching your face and avoid unnecessary contact with others.

Should you feel ill, contact your healthcare provider. Dr. Gelman said do not go directly to the doctor’s office, an emergency room or other healthcare facility.

f you are an Orange County resident who recently traveled outside the US and have questions about COVID-19, health officials said you should call the county health department at 845-291-2330.

For basic health questions, contact the county website at .

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