COVID-19 case surfaces at Middletown High School

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MIDDLETOWN – Someone regularly in Middletown High School has been infected with COVID-19 virus, School Superintendent Richard Del Moro said Sunday night.

He was notified by the health department and said anyone who was in the high school from March 2 – 9 and is symptomatic should contact their healthcare provider.

Middletown schools are closed for two weeks from Monday, March 16 through Monday, March 20, tentatively.

“This most recent update has changed medication pick-up plans,” he said. “Families should no longer come to the school to retrieve medication until such time as they are contacted,” Del Moro said.

The superintendent said people who were at the high school campus “need to be especially aware of any symptoms they have related to COVID-19. Based on the science of the disease, it can take up to two weeks to have the infection become evident and for someone infected to exhibit symptoms.”

He said the person who has the infection will not be cleared to re-enter the high school until the following occurs – seven days have passed from the last test where the person has tested positive for the infection and two subsequent negative tests have occurred.