Letter to the Editor: Schmitt, Hoovler, and DuBois praised

I would like to recognize the importance of the stance Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, District Attorney Dave Hoovler, Sheriff Carl DuBois, local law enforcement and leaders who are opposed to the recent bail changes in NY.

Their response was intensified after we saw a convicted child predator come in direct contact with two Pre-K children, within a schoolyard in New Windsor. As a  result of no cash bail, the offender was released into the community. His whereabouts are unknown to us. We were informed that if the offender did this the very next day, it would be the same result and the day after that the same again.

These disastrous new rules were carelessly imposed upon us, without thought of the danger to the public. It will encourage repeat offenders, which will increase the workload to our court system and as a result will increase costs to the taxpayers.

NY families are being broken up, having to leave family members behind as they leave the State in droves. The homes they were born in,  because of hastily made decisions like these, that physically threaten the people and impose financial hardship on us all.

Assemblyman Schmitt, DA Hoovler, the Sheriff and all of law enforcement have vowed to keep our children safe. Thank you to them all!

With the Coronavirus now at the forefront, it has provided cover for those responsible. But the smoke will clear. We as a community must stay alert, we must stand with those above. If you are working from home, take time to email or call local and State Officials. Ask them to join us together to protect working families. Then we must be ready to come out of the woodwork in massive numbers to protect our loved ones.



Brendan Gebert – Rock Tavern, NY

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