New York coronavirus up to 177, no deaths


ALBANY – Westchester County, specifically New Rochelle, remains the largest cluster of coronavirus in the country and Governor Andrew Cuomo said all facilities that accommodate large assemblages within a one-mile radius in New Rochelle will be shut down for two weeks.

In Westchester, all 108 cases center around New Rochelle.

During that 14-day period, a major cleaning effort will be undertaken, the governor said.

“The period would be from March 12th, this Thursday, a two-week period where facilities within that area, schools within that area, would be closed for two weeks. We’ll go in, clean the schools and assess the situation. This will be a period of disruption for the community; I understand that” he said.

But the state wants to get a handle on the spread of the virus.

The Westchester number is up 13 from Tuesday. New York City increased by 17 to 76. Rockland County went from two to six, Nassau County remains at two cases and Ulster County has one.

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