Neuhaus signs emergency order


GOSHEN – Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus has signed an order authorizing emergency purchasing by county human service departments to better enable them to secure goods and services to mitigate the potential of coronavirus.

The order, which began on Tuesday, terminates on Sunday, March 15 unless renewed by the county executive.

He stressed the step was necessary solely to expedite the ability of key human service departments to secure equipment and services in an expedited fashion if necessary.”

As of Tuesday evening, Orange County continues to have no confirmed cases, but the county operates the Valley View Center for Nursing Care and Rehabilitation and the Office for the Aging, both of which deal with populations especially susceptible to COVID-19.

Neuhaus also cautioned people against unnecessary binge buying and illegal price gouging.

“I have four children and I understand the desire to protect our families,” said the county executive. “Buy what you need for your family, but we are all one community.”
He also said if people learn of price gouging in Orange County, they should contact the county attorney’s office at 845-291-3150. “I have authorized the county attorney to commence litigation against any establishment engaged in price gouging.”

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