Call instead of visit senior facilities, Orange County executive advises


GOSHEN – Since those most at risk of contracting a severe case of the coronavirus are senior citizens and those with immune deficiency disorders, Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus, Monday, suggested that relatives should, for the time being, call their family members in nursing homes and other similar facilities, rather than visit them.

Neuhaus’ suggestion comes as more and more cases of the COVID-19 surface.  “We would really recommend that anybody that has an elderly relative in one of those nursing homes to call them up and not visit them. That’s where we see a major weakness and opportunity for this virus to spread and do some serious damage,” he said.

Neuhaus made his comments in a telephone town hall session Monday evening in which County Health Commissioner Dr. Irina Gelman and County Emergency Services Commissioner Brandan Casey answered questions emailed and texted in.

Dr. Gelman made a point of saying hand washing on a regular basis is a good step to avoid catching the bug.

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