New York’s ban on single use plastic bags goes into effect


NEW PALTZ – The face of in-store shopping in New York State changes forever on Sunday, March 1, as single-use plastic bags are banned.

Instead, customers must bring reusable bags or purchase paper bags for their groceries or other purchases, said Regional Environmental Conservation Director Kelly Turturro.

“New York State’s plastic bag ban applies to more than just grocery stores, whether you are shopping at a liquor store, a mall or a home improvement store, or a home improvement store, we want to make sure that New Yorkers are bringing their reusable bags,” she said.

If you purchase paper bags at the store, the charge will be a minimum of nickel per bag, but stores may charge more.

Of the five-cent charge, it goes to the state by the retailer. Forty percent of the total for each opting in municipality is returned to them and must be used to purchase and distribute reusable bags with a focus on low and fixed income households. The remaining 60 percent goes to the state’s Environmental Protection Fund.


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