Level three sex offender who trespassed at nursery school released without bail


NEW WINDSOR – A Newburgh man who is classified as a level three sex offender – the most dangerous level – was arrested on Wednesday after he approached two nursery school employees and two children on the grounds of the school in New Windsor.

Town Police charged Mark Edward Nelson, 61, with criminal trespass. He was released without bail due to the bail reform laws that prevent him from being remanded to jail.

Police said when Nelson approached the women and children as they exited through a side door adjacent to the playground in a darkened area. He attempted to make contact with them while in the playground school property, but they got into their vehicle, left the area and called the police, who later picked up Nelson.

Mark Nelson

His release without bail raised the ire of State Assemblyman Colin Schmitt. “Due to the outrageous dangerous criminal justice changes and bail elimination this pervert was released without bail and is a free man able to immediately prey again on young children in our community,” the lawmaker said.

“We cannot fall any further as a society than when our children aren’t even safe in a fenced in nursery school playground.

Schmitt renewed his call for repeal of the bail reform laws. “Those who voted yes need to wake up now. How many more children need to be endangered before this is handled?”

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