Yonkers woman pleads guilty to conspiring to murder eyewitness in Mount Vernon shooting


WHITE PLAINS – Yonkers resident Laquanna Kershaw, 32, pled guilty in Westchester County to conspiracy to kill an eyewitness to a 2016 Mount Vernon bar shooting.

Kershaw is a co-defendant of G-Shone Bloods Gang leader Jason Garcia, who was found guilty of attempted murder and other charges in the same case.

Kershaw pled guilty to the felony of conspiracy and is expected to be sentenced in June.

While awaiting trial for the 2016 bar shooting, Garcia, Kershaw, and others conspired to murder a witness to the shooting. Kershaw, the girlfriend of Garcia who was allowed to visit the jail, conspired with Garcia to recruit a co-conspirator to find and kill the witness.

Laquanna Kershaw

Kershaw learned the whereabouts of the witness and shared the information with Garcia and the other conspirators. The couple discussed the best place to kill the witness, preferring locations that did not have surveillance cameras.

The murder was thwarted when Westchester County District Attorney investigators and members of the Yonkers Police Department arrested co-conspirators Damien Richard and Cassaundra Dunham just after Dunham, at the direction of Garcia, passed a loaded and operable gun to Rickard for the purpose of killing the witness.

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