Youth summit on climate change to convene in the Catskills

The Ashokan Center. Photo provided.

WOODSTOCK – The Woodstock Day School and the Ashokan Center have teamed up to co-sponsor The Youth Empowerment & Sustainability Summit (YESS!), a global climate solution and leadership summit for young people who are ready to change their lives and their communities by working towards climate resilience. This three-day summit is designed to empower students from middle school through college by teaching them to develop solutions-based thinking and civic engagement skills.

Dr. James Hansen, the renowned climate scientist who was among the first to sound the alarm of global climate change, will deliver the summit’s keynote address on Thursday morning at Ashokan Center followed by a “Catskill Conversations” talk sponsored by the Ashokan Center at Kingston High School on Thursday, February 6th, at 7:00 PM that is open to the public.

“Environmental stewardship and civic engagement are the most important educational issues of our lifetime,” says Dr. David Penberg, Woodstock Day School Head of School, “YESS! allows us to convene a diverse mix of student populations with experts in the fields of environmental conservation and leadership, to develop action-based models to address these complex challenges. We couldn’t be more excited.”

The Summit will draw 120 participants from public and private schools throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City, as well as 18 international students from some of Woodstock Day School’s sister schools in the United Kingdom and Sweden.

The summit places students with renowned scientists, climate experts and advocates for hands-on workshops, culminating in the development of a YESS! Action Plan that each team can implement at their home campus and community. The three-day summit will focus on leadership, empowerment, civic engagement, and environmental exploration in Ashokan’s beautiful natural surroundings.

Find more details and the link to register for Dr. Hansen’s public address on February 6th here:

More information about YESS! can be found at:

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