Fishkill town police chief gets pink slip

FISHKILL – James Shepperly, the Town of Fishkill’s police chief, is on administrative leave and has two weeks to decide if he will retire voluntarily or be terminated.

The town board, meeting in executive session on Wednesday night, voted to give Shepperly the option of how he is to leave the position, a source told Mid-Hudson News.

Once the chief makes his decision, the town board is expected to name Lt. Keith Dworkin as officer in charge.

The resolution adopted by the board read, “The Town Supervisor shall, prior to termination…, first communicate to the employee and opportunity for the employees to immediately submit a resignation from the position with such resignation to become effective two weeks from the date of resignation. In such event, the employee shall be deemed to have resigned and the Town records shall reflect such resignation.”

If Shepperly chooses not to resign, the supervisor will terminate him.

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