Orange County Family Court attorney announces run for judge

Maria Patrizio

GOSHEN – Maria Patrizio, the supervising attorney at the Legal Aid Society of Orange County has announced her bid for family court judge on the Democratic line.

Patrizio, of Circleville, has been a full-time family court attorney practicing in Orange County Family Court for the past 20 years.

“Family court judges make life-altering decisions. They can reach into the most private sphere of your home and family life, so it is crucial to elect the person you trust the most to make these important decisions,” she said.

She said she has gotten to know “the inner workings” of the family court system well. People often have to wait two or three hours to get called into court and then have to take time off from work to come back several times and wait some more, Patrizio said. “Once inside the courtroom, chaos often reigns. And when I am elected, none of that will happen in my courtroom. I know the law and will follow it. I will not tolerate nonsense.”

Patrizio said she hates inefficiency and any kind of waste, be it a waste of time, money or resources. “I will always be punctual and prepared. I have concrete plans for reducing waiting time and increasing efficiency.”

Current Family Court Judge Carol Klein, a Republican, is expected to launch her re-election campaign shortly.

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