Green flag drops at Poughkeepsie Galleria

Karen Davis-Farage leads DCRCOC President Frank Castella around the track

TOWN OF POUGHKEEPSIE – RPM Raceway, an indoor all-electric indoor karting, and entertainment destination, announced it has officially opened its authentic racing experience at the Poughkeepsie Galleria.

Located next to the Regal Cinema, RPM Raceway features more than 40,000 square feet of adventure including a quarter-mile European-style racing track, racing simulator and state-of-the-art arcade with a redemption counter. RPM Raceway co-owners Karen Davis-Farage and Eyal Farage opened the facility during Christmas week and had their official ribbon-cutting on Monday.

“We are pleased to announce that our newest RPM Raceway location has officially opened its doors to the public,” said Davis-Farage, president and co-owner of RPM Raceway. “Indoor kart racing is one of the fastest-growing forms of family entertainment in the country. As new members of Dutchess Tourism and the Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce, we are excited to meet and engage with our new community and bring a unique destination to the region for all.”

The go-karts are made in Italy and are designed to resemble Formula-E series cars, according to Mrs. Farage.  The karts are routinely inspected by New York State for safety purposes and employees that monitor the race have the ability to wirelessly control the speed of the vehicles, including shutting them down mid-race for safety reasons.  Racers can operate the karts at speeds reaching 45 mph on the quarter-mile track.  The track is based on European designs and features hairpin turns and short straightaways.

This controller allows the race monitors top remotely control the go-karts if necessary.

“In preparing our tracks for the most authentic, exhilarating and memorable experience, we have used the technique of bead blasting to optimize the track, “said Eyal Farage, chief executive officer and co-owner of RPM Raceway. “We are excited to bring our high-quality racing and entertainment offerings to the Poughkeepsie community.”

The Farage family owns five other RPM Raceways.  There is one located in Jersey City, New Jersey, one in Stamford, Connecticut, and the New York facilities are in Long Island, Rochester, and Syracuse.  Farage said that “This region has so much potential and when we look at a new site, we look at the demographics and we also look at what people have to do in the region.”  Farage noted that RPM Raceway already has a relationship with the Poughkeepsie Galleria’s management company, Pyramid Management, in other malls they manage, making the Poughkeepsie location a smart investment.

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