Putnam County’s holiday blood drive aids NY Blood Bank


CARMEL – Seventy-three pints of the gift of life were donated Friday during Putnam County’s semi-annual blood drive.

Sponsored by the Stephen Driscoll Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, Putnam Bureau of Emergency Services, local residents serving with the Fire Department of New York and the Carmel Knights of Columbus, donors arrived early at the Carmel Veterans Hall in downtown Carmel and waited patiently to donate a pint.

The Greater New York Blood Bank reported major shortages around the Christmas-New Year’s period.

Organizer Denis Hanrahan was pleased with the response. “We were concerned that residents were out of town due to the week’s pleasant weather and fearful that donors would not roll up their sleeves this year. It was so rewarding to see the turnout. Once again Putnam residents rise to the occasion. When the chips are down no community helps its neighbors more than the people of Putnam County,” he said.

Hanrahan also reported that several out-of-towners donated blood as well. “A young couple from Massachusetts visiting friends stopped by along with a woman from Ireland who had been spending the holidays with her family in Carmel,” he said.

John Hanrahan donated a unit of blood for the 26th consecutive year. “Giving blood makes me feel good.”

Mike Gaffney, another perennial blood donor, rolled up his sleeve as did Kent Highway Superintendent Richard Othmer who said, “Providing blood to someone in need is a wonderful and rewarding experience.”

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