Bail ‘reform’ laws lead to release of nine charged with serious crimes in Ulster County

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KINGSTON – In the first nine days of the year, in Ulster County nine people charged with serious crimes, have been released without bail as a result of the state-imposed bail reforms.

The Ulster County District Attorney’s Office said they include a  case of criminally negligent homicide and another of possession of a large quantity of drugs.

  • Uzell McFarland was indicted for first-degree drug possession for allegedly possessing three-quarters of a pound of heroin and over one pound of crack cocaine. He has two prior violent felony convictions and lives out of state.
  • Monique Dibble was charged with criminally negligent homicide for allegedly killing Celina Maldonado by selling her a fatal dose of fentanyl. She has a history of failing to return to court.
  • Dominick Teroni was indicted on a burglary charge for allegedly breaking into a residence and stealing jewelry, including a wedding ring, and some $1,000 in cash. He is also charged with stealing a power generator from Tractor Supply on the same date. Teroni has two prior felony convictions and 42 prior misdemeanor convictions. He also has previously failed to make court appearances requiring bench warrants to secure his appearance.
  • William Lowers was indicted on criminal possession of a controlled substance for possessing cocaine with intent to sell it. He has two prior felony convictions for possessing narcotics with intent to sell. He also previously failed to appear for court.
  • Gary Damiana was indicted for felony DWI. He is accused of driving with a blood alcohol content of .22 percent and revoked driver’s license when he nearly caused a head-on crash with a police car. Damiana has been convicted of five prior DWIs, including two prior felony convictions. He was also convicted o0f attempted robbery and has a history of failing to appear in court.
  • Quinton Staton was indicted for possessing prison contraband. He has a history of domestic violence convictions, including a pending criminal contempt felony. He has failed to appear in court six previous times and had to be extradited from Virginia on the most recent charges.
  • Robert Cahill was indicted for burglary. He is alleged to have burglarized two homes, causing damage to both totaling $75,000. He has a prior felony conviction.
  • Emmanuel Martinez was indicted on two counts of drug sales. He is alleged to have sold crack cocaine and has a prior felony conviction for possession with intent to sell.
  • Buddy White was convicted of possessing heroin and awaiting a mandatory state prison sentence. He has four prior felony convictions and 10 prior misdemeanor convictions, as well as a long history of bench warrants.

The District Attorneys Association of New York State, sheriffs and police chiefs across the state have been outspoken in opposition to the reforms since they were first proposed last year.