Newburgh seeks funding to continue Shot Spotter

File photo by Bob McCormick

NEWBURGH – The Newburgh City Police Department has had much success in investigating gunfire incidents with the Shot Spotter program, which pinpoints where incidents occur within seconds after the bullets ring out.

It has helped to rapidly locate victims and track down alleged perpetrators.

Just last week, the program was successful in pinpointing shooting incidents.

Because of the city’s continued austere financial situation, the more than $432,000 program was cut from the 2020 budget, but for now, it is still active.

“Shot Spotter is funded through mid-February and we are actively looking for continued funding to apply thereafter,” said City Manager Joseph Donat.

The high-tech program began in the summer of 2017 with an 18-month contract costing $432,000. It was paid for through the city budget when it applied unsuccessfully for federal funding.

As a means of balancing the city’s 2020 budget, police officers, firefighters, and Shot Spotter were cut from the spending plan. But, officials hope they can keep it active with new funding sources.

Other police departments in New York State that subscribe to the program include New York City, Rochester, Syracuse and departments on Long Island. Miami, Chicago, Cincinnati, New Haven, and Las Vegas also use Shot Spotter.

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