Private security company to provide patrols around Rockland synagogues

Patrick Brosnan, second from right, CEO of Brosnan Risk Consultants, outlines his company's volunteer efforts to protect Rockland County synagogues

NEW CITY – Brosnan Risk Consultants, headquartered in Rockland County, is providing armed security comprised of volunteers retired law enforcement from the FBI and NYPD, to patrol at synagogues following Saturday night’s machete attack by a Greenwood Lake man. Five people wounded in the incident, that Governor Cuomo has labeled domestic terrorist.

Patrick Brosnan, the CEO of the company, worked years ago with Rockland County Executive Edwin Day, when they both worked at the NYPD, and Brosnan offered his company’s services at no charge following what he called a “disgusting, reprehensible act” of violence.

Day said just as one person at the Hanukkah celebration did Saturday night by fighting back by throwing a table at the man, the county is also not sitting idly by.

“We are fighting back as a community, as a county. Regardless of what the motivations are, regardless of what the investigations reveal, the fact of the matter is we cannot sit around and do nothing. So, we are taking proactive actions in order to address the concerns, the fears that are out there,” Day said.

Brosnan said his company will be providing situational awareness as well as gathering intelligence to supplement the police investigations.

“We are volunteering a free service of armed officers – ex-FBI, State Police, and detectives. They will be going to these different, in a very, very menacing omni-present truck. This is part of it. This is how it works. You hide in plain sight. They will be going in specific cadence, driven by facts relating to prayer service, to a specific series of synagogues, to help to deter a recurrence of the event of the other evening,” Brosnan said.

Day said the actual investigation into the incident is being led by Ramapo Police with assistance from the FBI and other agencies.

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