Game Night at CO in Rhinebeck

Game Night at CO in Rhinebeck

RHINEBECK – If you’re looking for a unique way to meet people and have fun in a cool environment, Game Night at CO could be for you. The next one is coming up at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 19 – and it’s free.  CO is an event venue and coworking space for individuals, startups, and companies of all sizes.  It is conveniently located on Route 9 in Rhinebeck, directly across from the Dutchess County Fairgrounds.

Nearly 10 board games are on hand, and it’s OK if you don’t know how to play. The group facilitator, Matt Johnston of Rhinebeck, is a board game aficionado who is happy to teach anyone who wants to learn. 

CO co-founder and co-owner Deana Burke, who hosts Game Night, said everyone is welcome. “We welcome total beginners through seasoned pros, and there are a wide variety of games available to choose from.” 

Burke said the idea for Game Night came from Johnston, who is her longtime colleague and personal friend. Johnston, who works out of CO, is the Executive Director of Innovation & Startup Coaching at Idealab NY. He has been consulting with startup ecosystem projects around the world for more than 10 years. 

“Matt is really into board games and he has a passion for teaching people how to play. As I was thinking about how to create more opportunities for socializing at CO, he came to mind,” Burke said.  She said while the group is mainly for adults, they won’t turn anyone away, and a father recently attended a Game Night with his son.

Games on hand include Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Pandemic, Citadels, Twilight Struggle, Spyfall, Azul, Skull and Chess. Attendees are also welcome to bring their own games. Snacks such as chips, salsa, and popcorn are provided.

Game night at the unique CO in Rhinebeck

During the early sessions – there have been two so far — they have played Settlers of Catan, which Burke said is an adult game that has become especially popular in the last couple of years.

“I knew that Matt knew how to play, and I wanted to learn how, and that’s why we started with it. It’s also a little bit nerdy in the best way,” she said, noting that the game has a kind of “cult” following.

While Game Night is a perfect fit for people who already enjoy board games or want to learn how to play them, Burke said it’s also a great way to meet people.

“Board gaming is just an excuse to get people together,” Burke said, adding that it’s more comfortable for some people who might not enjoy straight networking events. “It’s a way to be with other people where you’re focused on playing or learning a game.”