Green Light law kicks in today

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MID-HUDSON – Undocumented residents in the region may sign up for drivers’ licenses effective today as the state’s new Green Light takes effect.

Interested persons need to go to county motor vehicle offices to sign up, said Ignacio Acevedo, regional outreach coordinator for Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson.

“We are talking about thousands of people that will be eligible for this new program. In the Hudson Valley, the DMVs, hopefully, will be a little more busy but hopefully they will be order and everybody will get their service,” he said.

Acevedo said interested people should do their homework before showing up. “The message that we are sharing through our networks and social media is asking people to try to make an appointment, be prepared, study,” he said.

Motor vehicle offices in the region are expected a sizeable influx of people initially as the law takes effect.